Chris Lodwig Interview

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Wait, where did November go?

No matter; it’s Monday, so it’s time for an interview! Today we have Chris Lodwig, the author of Systemic. Let’s get to it!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I started writing when I was in high school, but I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was in college. I used to smoke cigarettes and hang out in cafés drinking coffee until 1 AM. I wrote a ton of bad poetry, a few short stories, a full-length novel called Heroes. The book was long on beautiful descriptions and twenty-two-year-old philosophy but very short on plot, or character development. It was a My Dinner with Andre meets Harold and Maude sort of thing about a guy who washed dishes at a fancy restaurant. A weird book. Not a good book. I had a couple other half-written novels lying around as well. Then I got a good job and a family, and I pretty much forgot about writing.

Fast forward twenty years and I was on the bus coming home from work. My computer died and my phone died, and I couldn’t work or doom scroll. Suddenly this image came into my head along with a bunch of interesting-sounding words to describe it. I remembered how much I used to love to write. So, I got out a pen and note pad and I started writing. On the way home that day, I wrote the first scene of Systemic. Then I just kept writing. Nine months later I had a book. Once you have a decent book it’s sort of silly not to finish it and make it a great book.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I’m not getting as much writing done now as I once did.

Pre-Covid (and hopefully post-Covid)

  1. 6AM – Get up and get ready for work