Cassidy Chronicles Volume 3 – The Measure of Humanity – Chapter Post

And it’s Thursday again.

How did this happen? Wasn’t it Thursday, like, yesterday, right?



Hey, if today is Thursday, tomorrow’s Friday – and that means the Virtual Book Club is happening tomorrow! Hang out and chat with us! (It’s free!)

Virtual Book Club? I’m in!

Well, the GOOD news is that you get another chapter in the most recently-published Cassidy novel, The Measure of Humanity. This is a direct sequel to The Road to the Stars.

A quick summary of What’s Happened So Far: it’s six months after the last book, and everyone is stepping back and reassessing the situation, with various motivations. (To read those chapters, just click on the title of this, then look through the archive.) Now we get to meet some of the Wolf pilots and get a peek at the new fighter on the block the Direwolf.

And for the record – C4, B1, V3

Nope, I don’t need another chapter. I’m sold – just get me the book now (which I read for FREE if I have Kindle Unlimited)