Cassidy Chronicles UPDATE

 Hey everyone!

Yeah, I took a couple days off from blogging – but now I’m back!

Just in case you think that the Cassidy train is going to slow down any time soon, I’m already 30k words into Cassidy 4. I’m going to post snippets of chapters here going forward, so stay tuned!

There are now enough books for Amazon to recognize Cassidy as a SERIES; that means you can order them all at once! Just go to the SERIES PAGE by clicking the link (HERE, or the title above) and you can get them all, and get them all for less than ten bucks!

Now, here’s a snippet for you!


TFS Enterprise

The door to their quarters opened and Aiyana Cassidy entered, looking spent.

“Hi, hon,” said Kendra Cassidy from her office. As the Admiral of the Terran Federation, she spent her days either on the Enterprise, the flagship, or on the Njord. The past couple weeks, as she’d recovered from her injuries, she’d been mostly aboard Enterprise.

“Hi babe,” answered her wife, walking into the office and tugging her uniform coat open. Kendra looked up.