Cassidy 4 – Snippet

Thought I’d end today with another little piece from the current WIP. ENJOY!

“Did you hear anything yet?”

Dogfish looked up from his desk aboard the MV Neily Campbell and scowled.

“No, Menace. I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“Because the crew is getting eager to know.”

“Really? I hadn’t guessed, since only seven other people have been in here since I got in at nine, and it’s all of quarter after ten.”

Mercedes ‘Menace’ Johnson’s face showed her dismay. She was the topside manager; to her mind, that meant she was supposed to ensure that Dogfish was able to do his job without being harassed by the crew.

“Sorry, Dog.

He waved off her apology. “Not a big deal. If I was in their shoes, I’d want to know the scoop as well. Just do me a favor, eh?”


“Put a sign on the door that says, ‘He doesn’t know shit’, will ya?”

Menace grinned at that; it was perfectly him. “You got it.”

As soon as the door closed, his face returned to worry. It had been weeks since he’d announced to his crew, his people, that they’d soon be out of work as divers and salvage experts. At the same time, though, he’d offered them the same chance he’d been given: join the Terran Federation officially, as opposed to just part of the larger umbrella of the Harriman Trust, and serve as the first crew of the rehabilitated and seriously remodeled U.S.S. Missouri. Somewhat to his surprise, every single member had signed on. They’d been given a schedule for their physicals, signing-on ceremony, and the other minutiae that came with joining up.

Then silence.

And more silence.

And then the silence stretched out further.