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Book Birthday Today!


Can you believe it's been a year since The Measure of Humanity hit the shelves?

What a busy year!

Now you can get this book in ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook - who would have dreamed of it?

Well, me. But it was a dream, not a plan.

Anyways, it's a Book Birthday (and my birthday too), but let's drop some presents for YOU!

First - if you haven't gotten this book yet, it's on sale on Smashwords for just $1.05 - that's 85% off!

Now, once you buy the book, send an email with proof of purchase to, and you'll be entered into a drawing for an audiobook code for any of my books! Yup, you get to choose! (Drawing to be held on Christmas Day.)

And if you hate contests and waiting, go to Amazon and buy the HARDCOVER edition. Send the proof of purchase, and tell me which audiobook you want - and I'll return email the code to you!

That's right - buy a book, get a book!

Finally, here's the trailer for the book!

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