Baby Boy – Taylor Anne Vigil

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Today she’s given an exclusive-to-us scene, titled ‘Baby Boy’. She said she was inspired by the following song, so give it a listen first, then read the story, and don’t forget to follow her fan page on Facebook!

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Baby Boy

My son was led from the blackness of his cell into the brightness of the courtyard. The guards pulled and shoved him this way and that, as if they were trying to trip him. Heavy shackles bound his wrists. A dreadful iron collar hung around his neck. I watched in horror as the guards secured my child to a post. His body, the body I’d bathed for so many years, shivered in the growing chill. His beautiful robes were gone and he was naked. The guards stepped back. They took their whips from their belts. I squeezed the metal bars of the gate that kept me from stopping them.