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Good morning!

I thought I’d share the first fifteen minutes of The Cassidy Chronicles with you today.

The narration is done by my friend, Jane Weatherstone, an accomplished stage and film actress. I was hugely fortunate to secure her services for this project, as she is much in demand.

I haven’t regretted a single moment.

She took the time to learn the characters and really give each of them their own voice; not just the accents or the tones, but a real sense that each is their own person.

Right now, Volume One is available on Audible; you can get it by clicking HERE or by clicking on the audio link below. Volume Two, The Road to the Stars, is being processed by Audible and should be available soon. I’ll keep you in the loop!

Without further ado, please enjoy this sample of The Cassidy Chronicles, performed by Jane Weatherstone.

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