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Adam, sitting in for Kendra


It's been a while since I've had to do a post. Kendra's done an amazing job, but she told me she wanted a day off.

Who was I to refuse?

I've been busy the past few weeks.

Doing what?

Well, I've gotten the audiobook contract signed for Into the Black and the recording is underway.

I attended Superstars Writing Seminars in Colorado Springs and spent four busy days learning from some of the best in the industry.

I've been writing in Tracking Tantor, the sequel to The Ghosts of Tantor.

I've been setting up for a collection of Cassidyverse stories to be written by OTHER authors.

Oh, and I've also set up a big sale.



And one day only!

Here's the details:

You've heard the buzz about this LGBTQ-inclusive Sci-Fi Series.

You know they're amazing from the reviews and what your friends have told you.

So why haven't you picked them up? Oh, yeah. Money.

Well, for one day, that's not gonna be a problem!

That's right!

From 8am EST on Tuesday the 22nd, to 8am EST on Wednesday the 23rd, you can get the following books for just 99 cents EACH!

Run Like Hell

A Deadly Quest

A Desperate Gambit

The Road to the Stars

The Measure of Humanity

A Quiet Revolution


Memories of Aiyana

It's one Hades of a deal, but only for one day, and only on Amazon!

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