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Adam's Takeover!

I'm sure I'll pay for this, but I told Kendra to take the weekend off.

I have a message for you.

Yes, you.

The person reading this blog.

The reader who comes back every day to see what's new.

The person who knows where everything is on the website and what's changed from the last visit.

I know you.

I appreciate you.

Without you, there wouldn't be a reason to keep doing this.

Thank you.

Now, I have an ask.

It's not a big one, as asks go.

No money out of your pocket.

Not much time.

See this cover?

Pretty damn good, isn't it?

Emily and I certainly think so.

That's why we entered it in the May AllAuthor cover contest.

This is voted on by YOU, the fans.

Everyone can vote once per cover per round.

We're in the third round, and just about holding onto first place.

You can change that.

You can put some distance between us and the competition.

Just click on that big beautiful cover, register, and vote.

It'll take you sixty seconds.

And then, when it's all over, and you see the shiny award on the cover?

You'll know you had a part in that.

Oh, yes - it's best done from a computer. Their site is not fond of phones, for whatever reason.



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