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Adam Interviews...Roh Morgon!



Well, would you look at that?

A bonus Monday!

I guess that means I need to bring out the big guns to end the month, don't I?

Meet Roh Morgon!

Roh Morgon writes fantasy, supernatural suspense, and horror for adult, young adult, and middle grade readers. She is best known for her supernatural suspense series, THE CHOSEN and WORLD OF THE CHOSEN, and is a past winner of the International Vampire Film & Arts Festival Silver Stake Award.

Image of a Roh Morgan, an author of supernatural suspense and horror

Roh dreams up her dark tales while driving and hiking through California’s Sierra Nevada foothills. But it’s her time spent in more remote locales—the soaring peaks of Colorado, the windswept plains of Wyoming, the mysterious Carpathian Mountains of Romania—that provides the settings for her stories, and opens the door into hidden worlds filled with seductive, lethal creatures and the secret lives they lead.

Based in Central California, Roh shares her home with her very patient husband and an extremely demanding cat who helps her write by periodically walking on the keyboard.

Roh Morgon links

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Roh Morgon booklist (optional)

· The Chosen novels: Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen, Watcher: Book I of The Chosen, Runner: Book II of The Chosen, Seeker: Book III of The Chosen (2024)

· The World of The Chosen novellas: The Games Monsters Play, The Last Trace

Cover of the book MONSTER by Roh Morgon

1. Firefly – gone too soon or overrated?

a. Browncoat here, so definitely gone too soon! I miss Mal and his crew, and periodically re-watch the series, along w/ the movie, Serenity.

2. A book you’re looking forward to release (by someone else)?

a. Blackfire, the sequel to the Spell Weaver and the Steel & Stone fantasy series by Annette Marie – I love everything she writes!

3. A book that pleasantly surprised you?

a. The imPerfect Cathar series by C.N. Rowan. A ‘perfect’ blend of humor with dark urban fantasy, and characters who delve deep into their emotions while kicking butt (or having their butts kicked).

4. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

a. As a child, I used to make up stories to help put myself to sleep at night. It wasn't until I was in my late thirties, when I had an idea for a middle grade time-travel series, that I thought about writing books. But at that point, I was a full-time college student AND a single parent of two kids, so I shelved the idea for sometime in the future.

Cover of the book WATCHER by Roh Morgon

5. When did you write your first book and how old were you?

a. I wrote my first book nearly twenty years later at the age of 52. Don’t ever think you’re too old to start writing!

6. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

a. I've written and published five books so far in The Chosen supernatural suspense series—three novels and two novellas—with a sixth in progress. My favorite? That’s hard to say. I love Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen because we meet Sunny before tragedy destroys her life and struggle with her as she tries to adapt to her new supernatural existence. In Watcher: Book I of The Chosen, we reconnect with a more confident Sunny whose world is once again turned upside down—this book is special to me because it was my first. And in Runner: Book II of The Chosen, we meet a wider range of characters and are more deeply immersed into the world of The Chosen. So I guess they’re all my favorites for one reason or another!

7. Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

a. Most of my inspirations come from dreams about a character with a problem, which I then develop into a story. Both my vampire series and my shapeshifter series were initiated from dreams.

Cover of book RUNNER by Roh Morgon

8. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

a. My first novel, Watcher: Book I of The Chosen, was written in a complete vacuum with no knowledge of the publishing industry. I really wrote it for myself, and had little thought of actually publishing it or worries about what others might think of it. But once it was finished, my daughter wanted to read it—and ended up staying awake all night to read the 120,000 word manuscript, unable to put it down. It was at her urging, and the urging of others who read it, that I spent the next two years learning how to write properly and how to self-publish. Since then, I feel the pressure of meeting reader expectations with each book I write, while simultaneously dealing with the distractions of marketing and maintaining a social media presence. I do long for those days when I could just write and not worry about anything else—just me, the characters, and the words on the page.

Cover of book THE LAST TRACE by Roh Morgon

9. What does your family think of your writing?

a. They are all proud of the fact that I've written and published my books, though my parents aren't sure about the subject matter (vampires) and wonder how they raised such a weirdo. :)

10. Do you like to create books for adults?

a. I do, though I look forward to working again on my young adult shapeshifter series, and will someday write that middle grade time-travel series I mentioned earlier.

11. As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

a. A better question would be, "What did I want to be?" Actually, I wanted to be a horse, or a wolf, or anything but human. So I guess writing about vampires and shapeshifters is a way to realize that dream!

12. What literary pilgrimages have you gone on?

a. The best one was a 2016 trip to Romania with Dacre Stoker, the great-grandnephew of Dracula author Bram Stoker. We spent 12 days exploring the history of Vlad Tepes, said to be the inspiration of the iconic vampire, and following the route of character Jonathon Harker (from the novel) as he traveled to Dracula's castle. Hiking the mysterious Carpathian Mountains was one of the trip's highlights. Much of my next novel, Seeker: Book III of The Chosen, takes place in the Romanian state of Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains.

13. What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

a. My hobbies have included everything from horses to Harleys, renaissance faires to ComicCons, star gazing to eclipse chasing. The past couple years, I've focused on raising organic vegetables and enjoy eating my pesticide-free produce straight from the garden.

Cover of the book THE GAMES MONSTERS PLAY by Roh Morgon

14. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

a. I follow the story as the characters lead me through it. I don't think of fitting into a genre, or a trope, or anyone's expectations of what they think the story should be. My goal is to explore the emotions of the characters as they deal with their problems and hopefully bring the reader along on the ride.

15. Are you traditionally or self published? Or both? Do you feel there are advantages to one over the other?

a. Though I have sold some short stories and poems to traditional publications, I'm primarily indie published. I prefer to retain control over my stories and covers and, along with that, set my own work schedule.

16. What was the best money you ever spent as a writer?

a. The best money any indie writer can spend is on editors and professional cover artists. A well-edited story is critical—readers are quick to abandon a book that's filled with typos and grammatical errors (and they'll let everyone know in a review if they take the time to write one) and they won't buy anything else the writer publishes. And a professional, genre-specific cover is essential to catch the readers' eye to even make that purchase in the first place.

17. Do you have any suggestions to help someone become a better writer? If so, what are they?

a. 1) Write what you love; 2) understand the critical elements of your chosen genre—before you write the story; 3) never stop studying and learning how to write better.

18. What do you have coming next?

a. In celebration of Halloween, my latest book, Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen, is free from Amazon Oct 30 & 31. As for upcoming releases, I’m currently working on Seeker: Book III of The Chosen, which will be the final novel in the series (for now) with an anticipated publication date sometime in late 2024.

Cover of the book MONSTER by Roh Morgon

Excerpt from Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen (available for free Oct 30-31!)

Something is out there, watching . . .

I ease out of my car and peer into the surrounding Central California darkness.

Waiting. Listening.

Across the street, the branches on the shadow-cloaked eucalyptus trees wave and snap in the wind, the dry rasp of their leaves masking all other sounds. The amber streetlight towering above me flickers, and I swallow at the thought of it winking out.

My brightly lit house sits across the lawn behind me amidst a row of other brightly lit houses, beckoning me to safety. I strain to hear anything out of the ordinary—crunching leaves beneath a stealthy step, a quiet cough, an indrawn breath.

But nothing unusual reaches my ears, and after a last scan of the shadows dancing among the whispering trees, I grab the groceries and my purse and head toward the house.

The feeling of being watched—of being studied—crawls up my back before I’ve taken a dozen steps.

Electric fear ripples across my skin, raising every hair on my body and I whirl to peer into the cool night, my throat tightening in alarm.

But no one is there.

Just like the other two times this week.

Yet someone, or something, is out there. Has been out there each night, watching me. I don’t know why or how I can feel it—I just do.

As I stare back into the dark, the pressure of that eerie gaze upon me grows heavier.

“Who’s there? Step out where I can see you!” My voice trembles, betraying the false bravado of my words. I’m greeted with nothing more than the rustle of wind-driven leaves.

Sweat dampens my skin and I slowly back up, unable to tear my gaze from the darkened woods. In a panicked rush, I waste no more time getting into the house. A last look outside sends another chill up my spine and I quickly shut and lock the door.

My galloping heart feels like it’s going to leap out of my chest. I lean against the wall and take a deep breath, then another, until the pounding begins to slow.

What is happening to me?

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

A hesitant peek past the edge of the draperies reveals nothing moving. Nothing moving out there but the trees.

I’m an idiot.

“No one is stalking you, Sunny,” I mutter to myself. “Quit being so paranoid!”

But deep inside, I have no doubt someone was out there in the trees, in the dark, waiting, watching.

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