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Adam Interviews...DL Mullan!

Hello again and it's time for today's second interview!

I got to sit down with the talented DL Mullan and talk with them about books, life, and all things writing. Hang on!

Thank you, Adam, for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate the time and care that goes into your blog posts, and for supporting independent authors. My readership and I give you our wholehearted gratitude.

For those new to my writing, my name is DL Mullan, and I am the proprietor of the website: Undawnted ( I have operated this site since Dec 21, 2013. Before Undawnted, I had websites dating as far back as 1998. Twenty-five years of being on the internet creating content, changing with the technologies, and showcasing art, literature, and mythology in a

pop culture format is my resume.

Authenticity of creators is important to keep enthusiasm alive for the arts. When the topic of reboots arise, I am hesitant. Hollywood (and to a degree, large publishing houses) in particular seems to have run out of ideas, so rebooting to reboot appears to be their solution to the overall problem of being: inauthentic. Instead of tapping into the vast expanse of innovative and imaginative ideas in the independent writers realm, Hollywood appears to want to control the messaging and opinons of their audience. Art and literature are about expanding human potential and creating solutions with better energy than how the problem developed in the first place. A reboot that confers innovation, freedom of thought, and how to think for oneself is a welcomed spinoff, however one that wants to tunnel our vision to a designate outcome is a reboot that does not serve humanity’s higher purpose.

Yes, I am one of those creators.

As a gifted polymath, each subject I research becomes my favorite. With my inquisitiveness, education, and expertise, ideas for characters and plotlines vary. I start with the simple question: what if?

What if… scientists and the intelligence community have figured out how human consciousness works? How consciousness manipulates reality on a quantum level? How the perception of reality can change the course of history? That is the basis for my science fiction, fantasy, spirituality short story: The Reality Hackers ( (Novelette release date: May 26, 2023.)

Another short fiction story that will be released in an autumn 2023 anthology asks the questions: What if… the military could weaponize human consciousness? Could merge the analytical side of artificial intelligence with the creative potential of the human mind? Could private contractors experiment on soldiers until they merged a virtual world of conscious creators with technology in an attempt to cheat death and become a dominant force in the universe? Welcome to my scifi, paranormal horror short story: Mangled (

I enjoy taking seemingly unrelated topics and combining their themes to ask my readership the tough questions. The questions that only the individual can answer for themselves. That is the highest form of the literary craft.

My exclusive Legacy Universe ( helps ground my stories to a literary vision. I have written six novels, with one finished series. In the pipeline, I have two novels ready for editing, as well as poetry chapbooks and my brand of digital design/art. I believe that art, poetry, and prose bring focus and personality to the other. In addition, I complement my universe with a proprietary mythology, which I have written four short stories. The future books that I have outlined for my universe is between 20-25.

As a self-published author, I incorporate different styles to my stories. Some are first person accounts, while much of my writing is in the third person. I write to engage the reader with topics and ideas that are uncommon in the publishing world today. Anthologies are another source of inspiration that I cultivate to bring my audience stories that are an aside to my Legacy Universe, such as The Jonah Collector ( I would never have thought to write about evil mermaids, if an anthology had not inspired me to do so. (Short story release date: June 23, 2023.)

In the meantime, if my disabling illness and technology snafus remain unobtrusive, then I will be publishing more art, poetry, and prose in the coming years. I have lost many projects due to dead hard drives as well as I have been held back because of sick days. When both health and technology are in the positive column, I am productive.

The craft of writing is an honorable profession that I have aspired to master. As a child in junior high, I had a vivid imagination. I used writing short stories to escape into a world that was free from troubles and doubts. Poetry became another outlet in high school and community college. I have been writing most of my life, but the purpose has changed from an internal need to an external exploration. Writing can change the world for the better, as long as the writer remains true to themselves as an authentic, free thinking creator.

If you would like to learn more about me, DL Mullan, then please peruse my site:, browse my athenaeum:, and sign up for one or all of my newsletters: (

Writing is the undiscovered country hidden in the recesses of our own minds. Find yours in one of my publications. You will never think of things in the same way again.

Have a great and wonderful day.

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May 17, 2023

For my A Novelist Idea Newsletter Subscribers, Early Access to The Reality Hackers begins today.

Also, the Release Date and Party for this novelette will occur on May 23rd! Be sure to subscribe, and you could win yourself a PDF copy of this eBook!

Use your imagination to Bring the Story to Life.


Apr 03, 2023

Thank you, Adam! Great interview questions. I cannot wait for the next round. I hope your readers enjoy the variety of publications that I offer: fiction: scifi, fantasy, horror, romance, paranormal/supernatural, and of course, poetry!

Visit me anytime at:

Have a great and wonderful day.

Thanks again,

DL Mullan

Team Undawnted

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