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Adam Interviews...Crystal Cherie!

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It's Monday, and that means we have an INTERVIEW with an AUTHOR.

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What does your family think of your writing? There’s a writing meme that says, “being an author is wanting everyone in the universe to read what you write—except the people who know you”. Haha, it’s true, to a point. I write Fantasy to escape, and I always worry that my family will think it’s “too far out there” or something, you know? But they’ve been super supportive of me. My husband, in particular, believes in my stories so much that it’s contagious. It’s rubbed off on me, and it helps to kind of erase that crippling doubt I wrestle with. My best advice is to find you someone like that even if they’re not family. Find your cheerleader. It really does help.

What are common traps for aspiring writers? I think we are our own traps. It’s especially common for new writers to treat writing like a hobby and to not invest in it. Usually, it’s because we think we can’t have this as a job—there are too many other authors out there, my stories aren’t perfect, no one wants to read me, I’ll never make it, etc… And I get it. I still roll out of bed and say those things to myself some days, but we’ll never know unless we try, right?

What is your writing Kryptonite? Gaming (ah haha). I'm an avid player of MMORPGs, and I love to heal dungeons/raids. Right now, I'm playing FFXIV, and the game had a major expansion on December 3rd. I have to dedicate time to writing before I get to play - which makes me feel like and eight-year-old, but it's true! Find me on Primal Leviathan, y'all. I need a static.

Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym? I did once seriously consider it when I found out some family members that were tied to my abusive childhood were interacting with my author page. But writing under the pseudonym didn’t feel authentic to me, so I ditched it in the end. I figure if my enemies want to spend time reading my work, then that’s time they’re still choosing to devote to me

Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want? A little bit of both, honestly. I think it’s important to consider the things readers like, but it’s also important to write for why you like writing. And for most writers, that’s the originality factor. I try to be original but put it in a structure that readers like. I also have different projects going. Some are more geared towards the mainstream genre, and some are more fun for me.

Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly? In writing, less is often more. You can create an emotional impact that way, so some of the most classically celebrated authors gloss over emotions entirely (think Albert Camus). Even though I personally can’t stand Camus’ style of writing, it works for a lot of people, so yes. I think someone could be a writer and not feel strong emotions.

What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer? Since I started writing full-time, I’ve made many, many new author friends. I think I’ve added over 800 new authors to my Facebook page in the last two weeks alone. And that’s great! It’s hard to get to know them on a personal level, though. Still, seeing their progress every day helps remind me to be intentional in my own writing.

I’d have to shout out a few author friends, though, who help me more: Vee Lozada, Michael Evan, and of course, Adam Gaffen! If it weren’t for Vee, I would’ve never kept going with my writing. You can find her over on Wattpad, and I highly suggest checking her work out. She’s an amazing author. Michael Evan is my publicist (but also an author himself) who has helped me really commit to my work. And obviously, I wouldn’t even be writing this without Adam. Thanks, Adam!

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be? Just because something is fun doesn’t mean it has to be a hobby. Writing is a real job, and it takes real work. Be ready to pull your big girl pants up and get to it if it’s something you truly want.

What do you owe the real people upon whom you base your characters? This may sound odd to some writers, but I don’t base my characters on real people. My characters are not representations of people in my life. They are a hodgepodge of things I’ve heard and seen people doing (out in public, in movies, on TV), but they’re not based on real people from my personal life.

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have? A lot! When I was writing more as a hobby, I was less likely to finish my stories. Something more entertaining at the time would come up, and I’d put it on the back burner. Now that I work at this daily, I finish what I start (and that’s a very good feeling).

Thanks for having me!

Find Crystal here: WEBSITE

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