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A Quiet Revolution Playlist – Song 6

Okay, today’s song is one most people know but probably not this version. This version is purely instrumental, done by guitarist Nita Strauss. If you don’t know her work, you probably should look her up. In addition to a great solo album she’s the regular guitarist for Alice Cooper.

We have The Show Must Go On, from Queen’s album Innuendo. The story behind the song, which is an exploration of the big questions of life, is that it was written by Brian May specifically for Freddy Mercury. Mercury was dying of HIV/AIDS and was, at the time of the recording, too weak to stand. And yet he did it in a single take. It’s really a story of the triumph of hope over loss.

It’s tied to Chapter 14. The Wolves have just suffered a devastating accident, costing them birds and crews, and Flashdance is furious and hurting. Through the chapter Cass, Alley, and Kendra all try to help her deal with it.

Enjoy the song

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