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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 4

It’s Friday, so we’re wrapping up the first week of the playlist. Wow, did that go quickly or what?

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A quick recap (and I promise this is the last time I’ll do this!). In the back of A Quiet Revolution is a playlist; each song has a Book/Chapter notation next to it. I’m going through the list, song-by-song, and explaining why that song is with that chapter.

We’re on the fourth song, which is Authority Song by John Mellencamp, and it’s tied to Book 1, Chapter 8. If you’ve read the other books, particularly Volume 3 (The Measure of Humanity), you know that Kendra spent a fair amount of time in court and she’s not a fan.

Well, in Chapter 8, she ends up there. Again. And I could just about hear this song running through her head as she sat there, carefully not saying anything that would get her in trouble.

If she had earbuds, I can totally see her rocking her head to the beat. You can too, can’t you? Yup. She’s passionate about everything she does.

Before I let you get to the song, I’m just going to mention that you can pre-order the book now – and that’s A Quiet Revolution, just to be clear – for $2.99 up until Rlease Day, April 16. You want to do this, because the price will go up to regular price once it’s live!

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