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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 3

Welcome back! Nice to see you again.

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So we’re talking about the playlist for A Quiet Revolution and why they go with the chapters I chose.

First thing you’re going to notice today is we’re skipping some chapters.


Well, some of the chapters just didn’t inspire a song. Either the chapter was too short, or the plot movement too incremental, or some other factor went into it. Plus, and I’ll admit it, I didn’t honestly feel that there were sixty-four songs I felt really tied to the book and didn’t want to go looking for ‘marginal’ ones.

Thus, not every chapter has a song. Every song has a chapter, though, and that’s what we’re about to talk about.

This song is Bob Dylan’s Oscar(TM) winner, Things Have Changed. It’s a great song on its own, from the WONDER BOYS soundtrack, but it struck me as perfect for the chapter it’s tied to.

Up to this point, there have really been two players in this little war: the Terran Federation, and Artemis. Now, you could argue that the Solarian Union has been involved, but that’s mainly because Artemis dominates the Union. There are three other members, though: the Titan Colony, the Martian Colonies, and the Asteroid Miner’s Guild.

Haven’t heard much about them, have you? We know that Titan has been doing some funny things with antimatter bombs, but that’s about it.

Well, this chapter takes place on Ceres, the center of the Guild, and it seems that the actions that Artemis has been taking have drawn the ire of the Guild members.

So, yes. Things have changed, indeed.

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