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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 23

This song is going to take a little bit of explanation. It’s a bit more complicated, getting from the music to the position in the book, than most of the others I’ve posted.

Usually there’s a pretty straight line from chapter to song. Either the song fits the mood of the chapter, or the title fits something happening in the chapter; something along those lines.

This song, though. Nope. None of that. You have to go from where I heard this song for the first time I remember, and that context, and then pull it all the way to the hope and feel of the chapter.

Even though the song is from the 90s, the first time I remember hearing it was at the end of Captain Marvel, after she’s done all her derring-do and she’s off to do more. Somehow that sense of ‘we’re not done yet!’ carried over from the end credits to the song, and from the song to the chapter (Chapter Six, Book Three).

Ladies and gentlemen, Celebrity Skin by Hole.


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