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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 22

We’re in the home stretch of the book! This song is the first one from the final act, and this song just seemed absolutely perfect. Not just for the chapter, the act, or even the book, but the entire series.

You may not have noticed – and if you haven’t, SPOILER ALERT! – but most of the main and secondary characters are women.

Yes, it’s intentional.

No, it’s not suggesting men aren’t ‘worthy’.

But one of the things I hate about Sci-Fi, a cliche that the genre does try to get away from, is the trope of the big strong man coming to rescue the woman (even if the woman has been kicking ass otherwise). It’s much better now, but there are still enough writers out there clinging to the old-fashioned view of the future that I felt I needed to do something about it.

Kendra. Cass. Mac. Cris. The Chief. The Primus. Davie. Nicole. Kyra. Anne Marie. Tamara. Double Dip, Flashdance, Shooting Star. Oh, yes, Alley, LJ, Kiri, Lorelei, Sanzari, Seabolt, Roberts, Carnahan, Autumn, and let’s go way back: Talbott.

I’m not saying men aren’t important in their world; however, I am saying they aren’t central. These women take care of business.

Today’s song is, appropriately, Song of Women by The Hu, featuring Lzzy Hale.


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