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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 18

On the home stretch of the week now!

The chapter we’re tied to today is a very hopeful chapter, one arising from the struggles that Kendra has had with her heritage.

See – and if you haven’t read The Measure of Humanity, you’ll want to skip to the bottom of the page now – Kendra’s an Enhanced Human. She was designed, and Artemis tried to use that against her. Their stalking horse plaintiffs brought suit against her, which they lost; they appealed, and had it tossed on a technicality. Now Kendra’s allies are taking steps to ensure that this won’t happen again.

Today’s song, then, is Swan Song by Dua Lipa. I feel that the message of overcoming adversity and rising again is perfect for Kendra’s personal struggles.

If you’re enjoying the songs, order the paperback of A Quiet Revolution and I’ll send you a file with all thirty songs included! Just show me proof of purchase. Or you can order the e-book for half-price until the official release day! And don’t forget to enter to win AUTOGRAPHED copies!

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