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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 17

It’s Wednesday, which means the week is half over. That could be a good thing, or not; maybe you’re on vacation and don’t want the week to end. Whatever your circumstances, make the most of your time!

This song is another which is fitting the mood of the chapter. It’s a fairly light chapter, a ‘slice of life’ type, and it’s taking place at the reception after a promotion ceremony. As such, I could imagine lots of loud music in the background and people shouting to be heard, with some few of them dancing to the music. And, of course, Kendra would have had input into the song choices.

It’s Uma Thurman by Fallout Boy. This is a good one to crank up, don’t you think? I do.

If you’re enjoying the songs, order the paperback of A Quiet Revolution and I’ll send you a file with all thirty songs included! Just show me proof of purchase. Or you can order the e-book for half-price until the official release day! And don’t forget to enter to win AUTOGRAPHED copies!

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