A Quiet Revolution – Chapter TEN

I said this yesterday, but it’s worth saying again. The best part, for me, in doing these introductions is it gives me a reason to read the chapters; and, since I read the chapters, I find I’m learning things about the events swirling around me which I didn’t know beforehand.

Take this one. It’s set on Ceres, and it’s a meeting between Tamara and Anne Marie. I got to know both of them extremely well, later on, but at the time of these events? I couldn’t have picked them out if I’d run them over. Absolute ignorance.

And of course, they don’t particularly think that the little meetings and discussions that went into their decision were worth reporting, not in any detail. So I knew, for example, that Anne Marie had been transported to our meeting on the Roosa; I didn’t know how much legwork she’d put into it, behind the scenes, to cover her tracks. And theirs.

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