A Quiet Revolution Chapter SEVEN

Is she around?

The past two days, every time I go to post a chapter, Kendra has dropped in and interrupted me, taken over the feed, and pretty much done what she does. Looks like she’s going to give me a break today.

Still, I’m going to keep this short.

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Buy the paperback, get the songs for free? Yes please!

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I’m going to try to win my copy!

Okay. That’s about it from me. We’re still bouncing all over the place in the book, going from one scene to

I leave you alone for ten minutes and you start blathering!

Kendra, I was keeping it short!

Not short enough! These people are here for my story, not your commentary!

Fine. As requested, here’s the chapter, with a bonus at the end.

See? Was that so tough?