A Quiet Revolution – Chapter FOUR


That means you, lucky reader, can now read another chapter in the yet-to-be-released Volume Four in the Cassidy Chronicles, A Quiet Revolution.

I’m not kidding – the book should be out mid- to late-April, the cover hasn’t even been revealed yet, but you can read it for free before it comes out!

Well, one chapter at a time.

Don’t forget that today is the Virtual Book Club! If you haven’t signed up – why not? All it takes is an email to adamgaffen.va@gmail.com to get in!

Also, there’s a playlist – two songs were posted yesterday – and the song for this chapter is at the bottom of the post!

Last week, we checked in with Double Dip and Shooting Star, and the issues they’re having getting the Direwolf squadrons up and running.

This week, we’re meeting a brand new star nation!


Ceres, Miner’s Guild