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Kendra's Friends


This is a place for you to discover authors who have been friends and supporters of the Cassidy Chronicles. Check out their books, because they have some amazing stories to tell!

The cover to Trapped in Wonderland by Dani Hoots

Dani Hoots

Dani Hoots is a multi-genre threat, writing in Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, AND romance. Her latest book, Rescue (City of Kaus 3) came out in November of 2022 to great acclaim. This is one author you don't want to miss! Learn more - click HERE

Woman Without A World.jpg

MD Cooper

MD Cooper is a force of nature! Not only is she the USA Today best-selling creator of the Aeon 14! universe, but with her wife runs The Writing Wives, passing on vital writing and advertising skills to up-and-coming authors. Learn more - click HERE


SE Anderson

Dr. SE Anderson's life story is a journey, not a location, and that's reflected in her storytelling. Whether she's exploring an accidental heroine (Starstruck) or reimagining the Wizard of Oz (Over the Moon), she makes the journey memorable! Learn more by clicking HERE


Heather Ashbury

Heather Ashbury is a bestselling, award-winning author of the new Urban Fantasy series, More Than Human. Taking a new approach to shifters and magic, Heather crafts a world unlike anything else in fiction today. Learn more - click HERE


Rachel Rener

Rachel Rener is a funny, fabulous fantasist who's busy creating yet another vibrant world in her Gilded Blood series. She's also created the Lightning Conjurer series, as well as standalones and stories in anthologies. If snarky heroines are your jam, you need her books! Learn more - click HERE


NM Lovely

NM Lovely is a new name in YA fantasy, but she's already making a splash! With her books The Fae Prince's Deception and The Court Under the Sea, she's proven she can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry, with more to come! Learn more by clicking HERE

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