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Roots of Love
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Roots of Love


Rooting for love? Dig into these swoon worthy romantic origins


Thirteen authors, fourteen stories, and lots of HEA/HFN - what more could you ask for?

We went out and found the best romantic origin stories on the market today and collected them in one volume.

Whether you want fantasy, urban, paranormal, contemporary, classical, or sci-fi, it's here. Straight, sapphic, gay, polyamory, we have the flavors to satisfy.

Want to know more?

  • A sci-fi short from noted sapphic author Lila Gwynn that begins at the end of the world

  • C.R. Clark brings you a curse that might turn into a blessing

  • AC Adams tells the tale of a djinn who is looking for the wish that will free her from bondage

  • Award-winning author David Green takes you on a quest for love and revenge

  • Can romance bloom in spin class? Nat Paga's going to show you how

  • Gods and goddesses and humans, oh my! Courtesy of Lou Grimes

  • It might be the future, but Adam Gaffen's characters still grapple with the forbidden attraction between a student and their professor

  • A workplace romance heats up when the boss gets involved in Madilynn Dale's contribution

  • There's love to be found in Dani Hermit & Curtis Star's Omegaverse, if you know where to look

  • AC is back with a story in her award-winning Kalili's Temptation universe

  • A modern retelling on the Romeo and Juliet origin story gets the full, lyrical Rose Sinclair treatment

  • Jump into the hopepunk future of O.E. Tearmann and see what true friends do for each other

  • Valkyries and shifters are mortal enemies, but do they have to be? Find out in Poppy Minnix's tale

  • What could possibly happen when a fae starts reading tea leaves for humans? Sienna Swift has your answer

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this journey into all the ways love can begin in the most unlikely circumstances!


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